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At Adchrome Advertising our objective is to simplify different mediums of brand activation and advertising solutions maintain the product quality and excellent client services. Our other branding services include car branding,vehicle branding and truck branding.


Large-scale car graphics (known as “car wraps”) are a great, highly-visible and visually-exciting way to advertise your business. Car wraps are completely-customizable, made to fit your exact vehicle like it was painted that way at the factory. Companies love to use car wraps on their delivery vehicles or service vehicles to get attention and generate buzz about the business. The problem with car wraps, however, is that they are difficult to install and can be prohibitively-expensive. For a small business, the budget is generally not large enough for car graphics to be a worthwhile investment. Here are some other high quality alternatives:
We use only original and authentic and certified material from 3M. Click here to go to 3m Official Site.

Car window decals-Full-size window graphics are printed on a perforated vinyl material known as one-way vision. This material is great because full-color printing is possible on the outside, but from the inside the material is completely see-through, minimizing visibility issues. These are custom-sized pieces that, when installed, are custom fit to the vehicle’s rear window. Thus, car window decals provide a look that is similar to car graphics at a fraction of the price.
Car decals-Another great option to get the car wrap look is to purchase car decals for the vehicle’s body. If you get them large enough, they can look like a half-wrap, where the lower (or top, if you so desire) portion of your vehicle is “wrapped” in the vinyl car decal. If you use the color of your vehicle to your advantage, adding a contrasting half-wrap can almost make the entire vehicle look wrapped.

Car lettering-Car lettering can be placed on the vehicle’s window, as well as the body. If you design your lettering in the right way and install it all over the vehicle, this can look similar to a car wrap as well. Work with your paint color by choosing contrasting lettering, but keep in mind that lettering has to be one-color.
Car stickers-Car stickers can be printed in full-color and cut to a variety of shapes, like car decals. Small stickers on the vehicle’s window and body can make it look like a stock car. You can order clear stickers for your window which will look very custom-made as the design will “pop out” from the window on a clear background, which won’t be noticeable.

Car magnets-If your primary concern is simply business advertising, car magnets are an affordable, cost-effective choice. Car magnets are easy to install, can be removed when not in use, and get customer’s attention just like car wraps do, especially if you create an exciting, interesting design.

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